Kuh’s Technology Features and technical commitment of Kuh's shaft products

Easiness of swinging and good power realized by our unique internal structure.

By incorporating our special core (patented) inside,
It is easy to swing off with a slightly frontal balance, and
gives moderate power without losing to the ball's weight.


By processing the end part of the shaft, the deflection is reduced and rotation is optimized

The structure and material of the end part of the shaft are adjusted to reduce deflection by suppressing its mass while obtaining a moderate rotation according to the spin (English).


Optimization of "whip" at the shot moment

At the moment of the shot, the shaft whips in contact with the cueball and the tip, and then the cue ball is slows out at the next moment.
We think that the degree of the "whip" has a big influence on the deflection and the rotation degree of the cueball.

Suppressing the deflection, having a firm cue ball rotation
And also,
We emphasize transferring a precise batting feeling according to the shot speed and the spin (English) to the hands of the player.

We incorporate research results using high-speed cameras into "Fuhjin" and "Raijin".


The balance of the taper and the rigidity

The thicker the taper, the higher the rigidity, and the greater the power transmitted to the cueball.
Break cues are a prime example.
If the taper is too thick, the control performance of the cueball necessary for position play will be hard to get.
Fuhjin and Raijin are made with a taper that makes them easy to swing, easy to control the shot, while maintaining enough power for play.


quality Kuh’s quality

  • Domestic production


    We conduct all research, planning, design, and production in Japan. (excluding parts)
    By producing one-stop products at our own factory, we get speedy feedback from research to products, enabling us to realize the development of products that incorporate the latest research results.

  • Quality Management

    All shafts of "Kuh"are managed by serial number.
    We improve performance and quality by converting information such as product structure, components, weight, and taper into data.

  • Product Warranty

    Product warranties are attached to shafts of "Kuh".
    Repairs and replacements are carried out free of charge during the warranty period.
    ※There are conditions (described in the warranty statement) to the warranty service.

Kuh's customers testimonials

  • Easy to give spin and the deflection is small.
  • Easy to give curves intentionaly
    Movement like a normal wood shaft can be made.
  • It is easy to shoot the cueball without floating it from the tablecloth,
    and conversely, to make it jump small.
  • It has power that doesn't lose to the ball.
    Even when you're nervous and your stroke doesn't go well, the cueball moves well.
  • Less vibration at the end of the shaft
    Strong shaft
  • The thin taper makes it easy to swing
    But it has a moderate weight.
  • Even if the ball does not roll much due to moisture, straightness is good.