A shaft that
Reaches your power
Realizes the trajectory you envision

What is 空 - Kuh ?

"Kuh (kúː)" was born as a project to create billiard products
that is "nifty, funny, happy and proud to own, and full-fledged"

空 - Kuh

Something like Air ("Kuh" means air in japanese),
which cannot be seen but exists naturaly around us,
and which is precious.

In order to deliver such products to you,
We are making research, develop and manufacture in Japan.


-I want to move the cueball and the object ball like i imagined.
-I want to focus on my play without stress.

The first project of "空 - Kuh", "Fuhjin" and "Raijin" shafts were born from our wishes to make such product.
With a pre-made shaft, it is difficult to receive a perfect one that mach to your taste.
You will need to adjust yourself to the shaft.
Thickness, weight, balance, batting feeling, sound, vibration ...
A product that fits all those various elements, and with which you will be able to play comfortably.

Kuh's shaft products aim to create
"A tool that becomes part of your body", which is stress-free and with which
you will have fun from the point of view of "playability".